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2 years 3 weeks ago #428 by Hisham
Hisham created the topic: Dynamic Dropdown from DB
Hi sam,

i have a problem with my form.
currently im using RSForm Pro for my form. there's few things came up and i really need ur help. :( :(

1 . how can i create a dynamic dropdown?
- in my case, i tried to make if user select department, all names under department selected will appear in name drop down (as refer to attachment).
2. automatically unpublished movement refer to date.
- i already created FROM and TO duration in my form. appearently it not automatically unpublished after TO date that we select.

really really need help :( :(

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2 years 3 weeks ago #429 by Sam S
Sam S replied the topic: Dynamic Dropdown from DB
I understand that you trying to list a number of users names on a page while they are away and their name disappear from the list once they back to office.
You cannot achieve this using RSFORM. Instead you need to use a Content Construction Kit.

In your case, you can use FORM2CONTENT which you can set Publish Date and Unpublish Date.

With CCK, you also can use a SQL field which retrieve values from a database table.

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