Meeting Minutes JoomlaDay Malaysia 2017 (24 October 2017)

Meeting minutes
24 October 2017
9.00 pm

People attended:

  • Sam Suresh
  • Ammar Idris
  • Zaki Abdullah
  • Tajul Azhar
  • Azlin Ramli
  • Lazwardi
  • Firdaus Ali


  • Venue change to Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) Kuala lumpur.


  • For now only two tickets are sold.
  • Tajul will bring his student with lecturer around 45 people.


  • Zaki will send to the hosting company.


  • have two people are confirm to be speakers.


  • Azlin has send an email to the person who attended the workshop in Intan.
  • Azlin has promote joomlaDay event on the Facebook.
  • Ammar suggest send the email to the participant are attended JoomlaDay Malaysia last year.
  • Ammar will be create another brochure for student and government.
  • Azlin will go to the UiTM, and she will past the brochure to student, lecturer and put the brochure at notice board FSKM.
  • Tajul will create the letter for government to be supporting partner and they can insert their logo on the website Joomla!
  • Tajul suggest to highlight at the brochure why people must go to this event.
  • Tajul will contact to UNITEN and UniKL.
  • Sam said to spend time to find the speakers, sponsor, promote the ticket and past the letter to government agency.

Conference Slot:

  • Zaki said create one slot for government if this event more government participant. For example, slot for government to government and business to government.
  • Ammar suggest for master web share their experience.
  • Ammar and Tajul plan to create another slot for student to give information for their course project and create one slot what is joomla.
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